Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rabuco (pueblito en el campo)

My program took a small day trip to a little pueblo in the middle of the countryside... We went to a grape factory that produces grapes for Dole! We learned to dance the queca (chile's national dance) and competed in some universal field games like a sack race and carrying an egg on a spoon. It was some quality time with some good friends.

Today my mom and her boyfriend Steve came in from the United States to visit me!!! We had a wonderful day walking through ViƱa along the ocean. It is absolutely perfect today, sunny and bright!! Then we went to the botanical gardens to celebrate the birthday of one of my good friends. It was so cool to have my mom and steve there.

Now i am relaxing a bit before we go out to dinner tonight with my host family and me! Its going to be a lot of translating, haha.




Anonymous said...

Dearest Vanessa,

Pete and I are reading your blog and we decided to send you some love and tell you how much we miss you. Pete is currently reading the sparknotes of Goesthe's Faust (I have no idea what that is) for Andrew to help him write his 25 page paper due next week. I am trying to only think about one day at a time as I try to get through all the presentations and papers I have due in the coming weeks. Reading your blog makes me wonder about the different places we travel and the different challenges we face in life. On campus we are always caught up in the next paper that is due or the last test grade we received. I read your blog and the stories of meeting new people and immersing yourself in a new culture makes me want to travel. I can only imagine you down there meeting new people and discovering new things and it makes me smile. I know that some days are hard and having only yourself to depend on takes so much strength but I read your description of Valparaiso and the way you see color in something that is not typically beautiful reminds me of the person you are. The person who I met, and after having talked to for one night, knew was the one person I wanted to be closest to in a scary new environment. I am reminiscing about the heart to heart we had that day in the coffee shop last semester. I miss you terribly. It is always so challenging to stay close with people when they are far away and even though we don't talk much, know that I think of you often. Every time that song comes into my head (you know the one) and every time I use the silly Pink pen you gave me before you left. I think of you every time I go through something challenging and wish I had someone sane and wise to help me through it. I can't wait to see you again and share stories.

Sending all my love,
your little

Pete says, " Ramsay is becoming overbearing"

Anonymous said...

The way you write about all that you are doing brings Chile' alive for me. I look forward to each new post and the chance to see Chile' through your eyes

Thank you so much for sharing.