Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dr. Dr. Sick in Bed

So it has been far too long since I've updated. It has been a crazy week and half that seemed to have flown by, without really being conscious of it. I guess for starters a couple of big things happened.

1. When I returned back from my trip to La Serena, a large sum of money was stolen from its hiding place in my room and all of the signs pointed to the fact that our maid took it. So that was a really hard week because it was an awkward position of accusing people and feeling taken advantage. In the end, we fired the maid and my host mom is paying me back for the money taken. (Since I was not given a secure locked box to hold important documents, which was required by my abroad program)

2. I somehow got super sick! I was feeling not 100% on Tuesday, but figured I was just sleepy and bogged down with a lot of work. But when i woke up Wednesday morning I knew something was up, I had an exam Wednesday morning and so I took it and then came home and slept all day long (for 6 hours) When my host mom came home we took my temperature and it was 101.3! Which is pretty high for an adult. So anyway I just took it easy and got a ton of sleep. Today I woke up feeling just as bad and went to the doctor and it turns out i have tonsilitis! I know this is gross, but I came home and looked at my tonsils in the mirror and There were huge and had big white dots on them. Eeew!

So I guess I would say I have good reason that I haven't updated! Other, less somber things... last weekend I went to a really fun party on the beach, a discoteque with a bunch of friends. I also went to Olmue (small village where host mom's boyfriend has family cabin) for Mother's day on Sunday.

HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY MOMMA! (i know we talked, but did you get my post card and email?)

Other than that, I went to the regular Tuesday night salsa sessions, and I think I'm getting pretty good. Haha, that might be my biased opinion someday I'll take video and pics of the event. It is so much fun! I love doing it!

Oh, and I went on an excursion with a bunch of girls from my study abroad group and we went to this museum and had a really nice afternoon in Valparaiso. Here are some photos:

So I'm supposed to stay in bed pretty much until I feel better, so this has the possibility of being a super boring weekend, haha.

Sending a restful and healthy weekend,



Carrie Tate said...


I discovered your blog today and am SO happy I did! You are such a beautiful person and you illustrate that in everything you write. I love reading about all of your adventures and your thoughts, and your pictures are awesome. I hope we can catch up sometime when you're back in the US. Until then, keep smilin', stay HEALTHY, and have an incredible time for the remainder of your study abroad!

Sending Syrens love your way,


Anonymous said...

Vanessa, I hope you feel better soon honey. It is no fun being sick. Were you going to Argentina this weekend or was that next? You better just stay home and get healthy.

I love you!!


Anonymous said...

FEEL BETTER SOON NESSA!!!! i love you a whole lot my dear! take good care of yourself. miss you! xoxo, ashley