Saturday, May 30, 2009

Open Air Museum

On Thursday my friend Sarah and I took a walk through the "museo del aire libre" or Open air museum which is a collection of murals and paintings on the walls of these streets. The point of the museum is to get lost in the city's beauty, so it doesn't really have a set out order. It was great to be inspired my the talent of Valparaiso.

These are just a few of many inspirational photos from this incredible place.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa!! Sounds like you are having a good weekend. Those are some interesting works of art. I assume that was in Valpo?

We are in Del Mar this weekend for Bethany's wedding. It has been cool and rainy though!! The wedding was outside in the park in Del Mar looking over the ocean. I was thinking how many times you had been there. It was really a beautiful site for a wedding.

Today we are going to the Body world exhibit at the San Diego Musuem and then heading back to Minnesota tonight.

Love you Bubba.