Sunday, June 07, 2009



Sunday morning here, woke up to the sound of men walking on the road outside my window yelling.. "PALTA, PALMERA, PALTA" meaning he is selling avocado and these deliciously sweet pastry things. I can actually still hear him yelling. Oh chile...

I had a very restful and relaxing weekend. It started thursday night, since I don't have classes Friday (which is seriously the best thing ever) I went down to Cafe Vienes, which is this little bar down the street from my house. It has a great atmosphere because there are paintings hung on all of the walls and there is almost always a jazz group playing. It is a really nice atmosphere, other than way too much smoke. So I went down there with Elizabeth, Cali and Cali's friend who is visiting from the United States. We drank Pisco Sours, which is Chile's traditional drink. Ooo it was tasty! We talked about girl things and laughed a lot and went home relatively early.

Friday I didn't do much of anything, I woke up and had a video chat with Ryan, which was lovely. He leaves on Tuesday to go back to the United States. It is weird that he is leaving to go home, he feels weird about it too because Spain has been such a big part of his life and all of the sudden he just has to go home, back into his old life. It is like reverse culture shock. I'm so proud of all that he has done though. He has traveled so much through Europe and met so many new people. I like that boy.

I also cooked for most of the day with my host grandma. I wish i had a picture to post of her and I, we have become really good friends lately. Family ties here are incredible. My host grandma and host mom don't even get along that well, always bickering over small things, YET anytime my host mom needs help around the house my grandma is here to make dinner, clean the house, whatever she needs. And that is just the way things are here, you just do that for the people in your family. It is sort of beautiful really.

I don't really feel like giving a night by night recap of my weekend, but instead telling you how blessed I am with the friendships i have made here. I don't know how I got so lucky.. I think the world heard my calling before I left for Chile about the need for new wonderful people in my life. (Not that the old people aren't wonderful too!) But I have met the girls who have truly melted themselves into my heart. Girls who are so strong and capable and goofy and loving. Girls who are so smart, intelectually and emotionally, but have no problem going wild, laughing until they cry or talking about poop for hours (its a strong asset).

I spent a lot of time with them last weekend and this weekend as well, and couldn't be more thankful. Thank you world for blessing me with lifelong friendships.


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Hey Vanessa,

Hope you have a great weekend!