Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home sweet home.

I am home now, I got into Minneapolis yesterday evening. It feels good to be back, although I really wish Mike could have come with! Hehe..

Alright, i realize it is a little late, but I am going to do a challenge that Bonnie posted at

Think on these things a bit:
3 Things I like about me are:
3 Things I don't like about me, or things I could do without, about me:

Okay well i guess I will start with three things I like about me.

1. I am friendly, or at least I like to think so, I can chat with people very well and I am fairly approachable. I like this about myself, I always want to be someone that people can feel comfortable and welcome with.

2. I want to do good in the world. Maybe that it is that I am still young and ignorant, but I actually believe that people can change the world and I want to do it! I have so many ideas in ways in which I can help, and many ways in which I already do help.

3. I am a very loyal friend. If you are my friend, I will stay by your side and help you through all that you need help with. I will sacrifice many things for you, for friends are the most important part of life, and it is important to do anything in our power to honor that relationship.

So three things that I don't like so much about me..

1. I am very emotional. I have sooo many emotions, which is a good thing because it makes me human but it also a bad thing because on some occasions I do not have the power to control them. I sometimes go through stages where nothing anyone can so or do will change my mood.

2. I am very competetive. I am a jealous person who competes too often. I am glad I can recognize this about myself because it is the first step in solving, but I am way too competetive when it comes to frienships and other relationships.

3. I am very dependent. As independent as I sometimes feel, I am very dependent on my relationships. I rely on my relationships when I should rely on myself.

This was a fun challenge, the thing is, when it comes down to it... even if there are things you don't like about yourself, the best thing you can do about those things is just accept that you possess them. Secondly, if they are really things you wish to change than you can work to change them. Accepting the fact that you have this fault is half of the battle. Do this challenge, maybe you will learn a little bit about yourself!

Okay, gorgeous day here in MN! I am off to lay on my dock!


Tune of the day: Breakdown- Jack Johnson
Question of the day: What books are on your summer reading list? Do you have any books that you would recommend for others to read?

* My summer reading list includes ALL of the Harry Potter Books, hehe, The time traveler's wife, The namesake, Nineteenth circle and some other ones that I pick up here or there. If you are looking for a good book to read this summer.. i STRONGLY suggest reading "Eat, Pray, Love" or "The Secret Life of Bee's" They are excellent books!.

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BonnieRose said...

great answers vanessa, and hugs, welcome back to MN! Remember to save that book for me when u are done, can't wait to read it! hugs.. see u soon and pray for safe trvls for us this weekend, seeing the girls.. leaving tomorr!