Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some photos of Valparaiso

Valparaiso isn't the most beautiful city on first glance, it isn't fancy and it isn't modernized and in all honesty it is quite dangerous. But i have really fallen in love with the colors of life of this place. I don't like here, but my classes are there. The colors just lighten up my life. Back in the day, people didn't have enough money to buy paint for their houses so they would wait for the sailers to come into shore. The sailers would always paint their ships before going into the shore, for best appearnce, so they would give their extra paint to the people. That is why there are so many vibrant colored houses. It didn't matter to them what the color was, or if they even had enough paint to cover the whole thing.. they would paint their house half red and half green if that was the only option they had. Pretty interesting stuff.

I visited a really cool cemetery ( i think that is an oxy moron) But it is really old and has a lot of cool stories to it. This is the grave of a woman Emilie Dubois who was actually a theif and a murderer! She would rob and kill the rich and give to the poor. She actually killed a lot of people, and so she was jailed and when she was buried her bones were just thrown into a pile with other criminals. However, the poor people of Chile saw her as a hero.. almost like a Robin Hood figure. So a lot of money was saved up to make a nice shrine place and her grave is the most visited grave in Valparaiso. Criminals and prostitutes worship her and there are signs everywhere thanking her for what she helped them to achieve. So interesting!

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Number One Novels said...

I love colorful houses. When I own a home, I hope to paint it something eye-catching--the kind of color you can give directions by, like, "My house is the orange one on the left with the teal door." There are enough beige houses in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie, I would change the color of my house but the homeowners association has a strict 5 color rule. And only one color per house.

How was your weekend?? Did you make it to Ulmue for Easter??

Hope you have a good week.

Love you,